About MER Lab

The Materials and Electrochemical Research (MER) Laboratory in the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department is located in the Laxalt Mineral Research building in rooms 479 and 451. MER Lab prides itself on the comprehensive suite of surface analysis techniques exclusive to this lab. Electrochemical analysis coupled with in-depth surface analysis allows for a thorough investigation of the interface ex situ and, in some scenarios, in situ. These capabilities allow us to explore the research interests shown below.

MER Lab Mission

MER Lab focuses on the design, engineering, research, development and characterization of materials for electrochemical applications in sustainable energy generation and environmental protection. Our focus is on understanding electron transfer processes using spectroscopic techniques (including synchrotron-based techniques), and applying that knowledge to solve interdisciplinary materials and engineering problems. Electrochemistry and spectroscopy can be used to obtain complementary information; electrochemistry assesses the nature and kinetics of an electron transfer reaction and spectroscopy, often used simultaneously with electrochemistry in our research, provides chemical and molecular information of the same reaction. Our research is primarily in the area of materials for energy.

MER lab envisions educating and graduating the next generation engineers and scientists. Ones who solve problems and develop new inventions to help humanity.